Jewelled Kaftan “Harrods” 1970’s
Jewelled Kaftan “Harrods” 1970’s f5863d56-2650-4151-9f19-7aad222ee935 205274eb-bc8e-42ec-aebe-6a66f769ba69 e46c1694-a9e3-421f-bbe5-b84a036268d2 f16ff7b4-ba48-4a98-a0ab-83a8aaadced8 2df8dc6d-24ee-4321-8e8a-307b0e69c926

Jewelled Kaftan “Harrods” 1970’s

Straight out of HRH Princess Margarets Mustique Holiday wardrobe!! 🙂

A showstopping grandiose gold embossed and jewelled kaftan dress

Retailed by “The French Room” Harrods Circa 1975

In excellent condition, however some marks to the lining from age/wear

A generous size 14/16. It has been pinned to fit my model and could easily be altered to fit a smaller size if required.