1970’s Modernist Oil on Canvas
1970’s Modernist Oil on Canvas a7003ffe-8305-47af-ad59-fbcf99626dc0 e42d651e-6686-4524-b482-140030640dbf b8d95821-ad8e-4cfb-8d8a-f7f5e9e1fd7c fe0c0815-931f-427d-8862-dc4c5382a7bd ae159143-6800-4e3c-b55d-7aa9bec51a73 79435d5a-d29e-46bb-a51e-9a82ba4b3f46

1970’s Modernist Oil on Canvas


Large oil on canvas in period frame

Belgium 1970

Signed Ede Zutter

Bold statement art, magnificent vibrant colour palette painted in a beautiful textured way

82 x 62 cm frame

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